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Photo credit: Jonathan Eastburn

"My goal is to see people fully alive
and passionately on fire for what God
created them to do."
-Marie Larson
Marie Larson is a vibrant woman who loves life, Jesus and connecting others with life and Jesus! She is an avid learner who worked in the non-profit realm for thirteen years. Most recently, she worked six years at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge as a Recovery Chaplain for women in the long-term recovery program.  She is an ordained pastor through Sarah Family Ministries in Saint Paul. Marie has experience working with a wide variety of issues after working with hundreds of clients at the recovery program, as well as consistently working with people wherever God connected her with a need. Marie was trained in Brainspotting in April 2019. Brainspotting is a method to help get negative emotions trapped in the brain and the body out so people can heal. She also uses what she calls Prayerapy, a mixture of prayer ministry and discipleship to help clients heal emotionally and spiritually.

Personally, Marie has gone through chronic health struggles, grief, anxiety, depression, and walking through the process of finding emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom. She loves to help people walking through their own journeys to find more health and freedom emotionally and spiritually.


Marie spent years helping people professionally and personally and seeing close-up the toll that helping professions can take on people. A passion grew inside of her to do something! Marie created Vibrant Life Consulting in 2018 to reach out and help the helpers and support and refresh those who are constantly pouring into people around them. Marie is gifted at listening, discerning root issues and problems, and practically helping you discover resources and life changes to help you in whatever situation you are facing. 

In her spare time, Marie loves reading, learning, connecting with family and friends, rock climbing, dancing, and spending time with her ten nieces and nephews.

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