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Is this for me?

Mother and Daughter
Eye Close Up
Man Typing on a Laptop
Are you in a helping role?


Do you work in a helping profession where you are daily pouring out into others lives either physically, emotionally or spiritually?


Are you looking for someone who gets you? Where do you go when your resources are tapped?

Are you a caregiver, counselor, pastor, mom, nurse, missionary, or in any number of other helping roles?

Do you sometimes believe that you’re supposed to be done having your own problems and have your life figured out because you are helping others?

Do you ever wonder who to talk to about your own challenges because you work in a ministry or business where you’re the person everyone else comes to with their problems?

 Are you struggling?

Do you want to prevent burnout before it happens? Or are you currently feeling like you are burning out and wondering how much longer you can stay in your current role?

Are you struggling with things from the past or habits you can’t seem to break from long-standing problems?


Have you experienced a moral failure in your ministry and you’re not sure who to talk to about it?

Are you struggling in your marriage or other relationships but not sure where to turn for resources?

 Overwhelmed by a project?
Are you needing help to push through a project or situation that is daunting to you but you’re not sure how to tackle it?
Are you struggling organizationally and would like some help to put order to an area of your life, home, ministry, or business?
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